The new format hosted by the German Council of Shopping Places


Will the entire city turn into a sales floor soon? Or will it all happen in our brains? And how will the goods get to our doorstep? Will there be any goods left in a world where experiences count more than possessions? These and many more questions will be negotiated at REBOOT.

We’ll also think outside the retail and logistics box and ask eventually: How does living together feel like in the future? What can we do to make districts livable and lovable? And what will profitable operations require, the day after tomorrow?

REBOOT is where we identify opportunities, where we talk about what we can learn from each other and other disciplines. It's about being right in the middle of the world's reinvention instead of only watching from far. We invite you to think, talk and yes, to argue with us. Because: the best way to predict the future is to shape it, that's for sure!

Let's do it!


The German Council of Shopping Places was called German Council of Shopping Centers until recently. The name change fits the topic of REBOOT, having its premiere in 2020, and negotiating what we’ll be facing in the upcoming years and decades. Shopping is no longer limited to traditional places and spaces, shopping is seeking new forms, temporary formats sometimes and not tied to individual places.  

Since our foundation as an association of the German retail and retail real estate industry over 25 years ago, our goal is to move forward. With REBOOT we want to rethink the retail and retail real estate industry and add decisive arguments in terms of our future. Find out more about GCSC at gcsc.de.


REBOOT is about fresh ideas and the reinvention of an entire industry. This works best by joining forces. Therefore, REBOOT has been initiated in cooperation with a wide range of renowned initiators. Meet the Members of the Board:


Bianca Praetorius
Sarah Schlesinger, blackprint Booster
Rene Etzdorf, WISAG
Lisa Hesse, dan pearlman
Diana Bennewitz, dan pearlman
Lena von Senden, DILAX
Carolina Hinrichsen, DILAX
Oliver Mohn, WISAG
Steffi Puls, Realpunks
Joaquin Jimenez Zabala, WISAG
Manouchehr Shamsrizi, HU Berlin
Steffen Hofmann, iMallinvest
Jan Wolter, NOLUS
Feride Yildirim, WISAG

The Cockpit

Ingmar Behrens, GCSC
Rüdiger Pleus, GCSC

REBOOT Project Office Ludwigsburg:
Simone Kircheis, GCSC

REBOOT Project Office Berlin:
Torge Brinckmann, GCSC